Q1. Can Reports be taken in Excel?

Yes. All reports can be opened in Excel & can be presented to management as per requirement
Q2. Can I access the application while I am travelling?

Yes. You can access the application as well as do operations like checking stock, orders status, approve purchase orders, approve payments, etc.
Q3. Can we have separate accounts for each branch & factory?

Yes. Each branch or factory will have its own accounts, Trial Balance, P&L & operations within the overall company umbrella
Q4. If we open a new branch or factory, how long will it take to start operations in the new place?

Yes. The operations can be started from day 1 at the new factory or branch.
Q5. Can I view operations & reports at our plant & branches sitting at Head Office?

Yes. All operations & reports for any branch or factory can be viewed from Head Office (based on User rights & access permissions)
Q6. Can I restrict any person or employee from accessing the system?

Yes. Access to the system is based on user rights & permissions. You can restrict operations like View, Edit, Add & Delete for each employee.
Q7. Can I do operations for plant or branch from HO?

Yes. You can enter Purchase Orders, approve Purchase Orders, enter Sales Orders (e.g. for Silvassa plant), approve payments, etc. from Mumbai office
Q8. Do we need any leased lines or VPNs or CITRIX to connect our plants, branches or warehouse to the server?

No. all you need is a broadband internet connection at the plant or branch and they can access the server & do operations.
Q9. How do our employees compile reports (daily/weekly/monthly) to be submitted to the management?

There is no requirement for compiling any report. All reports are online and on real-time basis. Simply click on the report, enter parameters (from-to date, etc) and run instantly
Q10. Do we need to buy expensive servers or hardware to install the application?

No. A basic server with Xeon processor (preferred) & 6/8 GB Ram should suffice. Of course, if the number of users or operations is large, then some additional capacity will need to be added.
Q11. Can we use the application on the web?

Yes. In case you don’t want to add capital cost like Server, etc., then the application can be used from web at a reasonable monthly cost
Q12. Can certain specific requirements of our company be incorporated in the software?

Yes. Specific requirements of the company can be customized at nominal cost
Q13. Do you provide training to our employees?

Yes. We provide complete training to the employees of the company.
Q14. How do you provide support?

Email & telephone support are completely free. We give a detailed User document/manual which can be referred to by the users online. Visits can also be done on case-to-case basis.