Mobile App!

Quick, low-cost & easy way to collect Sales Orders.

Give this App to your Sales persons or Dealers, Distributors, or Retailers.

They can send the Orders instantly to you from their Mobile

How does it work?

  • Sales person or customer can view Product list on his mobile

  • He can simply select required items, enter quantity & send the Order instantly through Mobile

  • Your back-office team can view the Order immediately on your office desktop/laptop


  • Attach Images to Products

  • Powerful search facility for product search

  • Send Notifications (about new products/schemes) through the App

  • 24/7 availability (from anywhere, anytime)


  • Savings in conveyance, salary, telephone costs

  • Prevent errors & mistakes while noting down orders

  • Improve planning (since orders can be viewed instantly)

  • No time gap between order placement and receipt of order in office

For whom

  • For Manufacturers selling to Distributors/Dealers/Wholesalers

  • For Distributors/Wholesalers selling to Retailers

  • Industries: Chemicals, Food, Industrial products